Thank you for allowing us to provide the highest level of care for your child/children. It is rare to find two doctors who have the same treatment philosophy, clinical skills, and management styles. We are fortunate that Dr. Malik and Dr. Petrova were trained at distinguished dental schools - both graduated with high honors and both were inducted into the prestigious Omicron Kappa Upsilon (OKU) Honor Dental Society at their respective dental schools. Both Dr. Malik and Dr. Elena further specialized in pediatric dentistry at top-tier residency programs serving as chief residents. They have become good family friends who trust one other and enjoy attending continuing education courses together to stay current on topics related to the practice of evidence-based pediatric dentistry.

Our entire team wants to get to know each and every parent and child in our entire patient family. In addition, it is important for each child to develop a relationship with both doctors. If either of the doctors is out of the office or an emergency arises that requires us to see your child after-hours, knowing both Dr. Malik AND Dr. Petrova will encourage trust and successful appointments due to familiarity.

We appreciate your understanding that our office does not typically schedule by doctor - unless a doctor preference is requested, but by appointment time that is unique for each procedure. When patients come in for their regular cleaning appointments, the first available doctor will be the one who sees your child. We often try to each see siblings in a family together utilizing both doctors.

It’s our sincere hope that you will support this philosophy as we continue to grow our family of patients. Having both doctors in our office allows us to offer more appointment availability, an immediate second opinion when needed and a more time efficient appointment!

Thank you and Welcome to our Dental Family!

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